Music is an essential aspect of the Catholic tradition of prayer and part of Holy Qurbana. The Second Vatican Council’s Instruction on Music in the Liturgy mentions that through music in the liturgy:

  1. A more graceful expression is given to prayer,
  2. A close union of hearts through the union of voices is achieved.
  3. The unity of hearts is more profoundly achieved by the union of voices,
  4. Minds are more easily raised to heavenly things through the splendour of the rites, and
  5. The whole celebration more clearly prefigures the striking symbol of to come in the heavenly Jerusalem.

Involvement in the music ministry requires members to make a commitment to musical leadership. It also involves a dedication to practice and determination to participate when scheduled for Mass or a special celebration. Please reach out to the parish priest or one of the coordinators, if you would like to participate or have any questions.

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