In the year 1944 Mar George Alappat erected Ambazhakad Church as a Forane bifurcating from the Chalakudy Forane. Obviously some churches that belonged to the part of Chalakudy Forane became the part of this Forane.
Reconstruction of the New Church The long straight Fort from Krishnankotta to Pazhukara was built by King of Travancore. The Church of Ambazhakad was adjacent to it. This caused a great fear in the minds of the parishioners.

In the year 1789-90, the Ambazhakad Church and the Seminary was destroyed thoroughly by the invasion and the intrusion of Tippu Sultan. After this miserable incident a new Church was reconstructed. The three stone crosses built in connection with this reconstruction remains as the lively memory of the traditional faith of the people here. After 200 years again, the Church was reconstructed under the leadership of Fr. Joseph Kizhakkumthala. On 13th March 1971, the New Church was consecrated. In the year 1995, under the leadership of Fr. John Aricatt the Altar and the Madbaha were renovated and blessed. In 2009 under the leadership of Fr. Anto Thachil the renovation work was done. The present modified and beautified Church with more conveniences was re-consecrated on 26th September 2009. Puthenchira, Chalakudy, Koratty, Mala parishes were once a part of this parish. Therefore one can very well conclude about the antiquity and richness of the tradition of the parish.